Sugar Maple Candy

Helping Peter Cotton Tail out with Easter Sugar Maple Candy. Have some extra. $2.00 for small leaves (1.5 oz) and $4.00 for the large leaves (3oz).

open house

Grace Church & others are coming maple syrup on ice cream,hot dogs,ets. come on up304 788 1831

making syrup

Tuesday had a small run again,made about 40 gal. syrup.

Making Syrup

We cooked sap today. small run today but we’re thankful for that.

Indian Water Maple Baked Beans

1 lb bacon 1 Tbs black pepper 1 med onion 1 half pint Indian Water Maple Syrup 1 gallon Bush’s baked beans   Fry bacon until almost crisp, add onion and pepper to bacon cook til onions are tender. add … Continued