Ed & Karen Hartman along with their 3 sons, Harman, Bowie, and Kaleb, have owned and operated Indian Water Maple Company for many years. What started as a hobby in 1987, with a few 5 gallon buckets and Karen cooking the sap down on the kitchen stove, we made about a gallon of syrup. The following year we advanced to an old homemade evaporator and a makeshift sugar camp ( a dirt floor room added on to an old building using scrap hot water tanks for a smoke stack), we successfully made about 40 gallons of maple syrup.


With so much success, that summer we went to work built a real sugar camp, bought an evaporator, and installed a gravity feed tubing system. Many changes have taken place since those days, a filter press, a commercial canner, and a vacuum system to pull the sap out of the tubing have all been added to make the operation more efficient. Now with 25 years under our belt we are expanding to the internet, look out here we come.